Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sexual Assault in LGBT Communities

By Rabeea Jabbar

Sexual Assault in LGBT Communities

Sexual Assault in LGBT Communities occurs frequently among members of the same sex also known as “Same Sex Sexual Assault”. Most people get violent among members of the same sex, and they often get raped and go into denial. Only a very small percentage of people report the rapes within their communities. The rate of these rapes going unreported is roughly the same as rape among heterosexuals. Many people also seem unaware of such rapes within their communities.

According to Wcasa's Bi-Annual Educational Journal recent survey, “A study on 70 survivors of sexual violence by Girshick (2002, forthcoming) showed how serious the denial is. Lesbians were caught off-guard by sexual assault at the hands of another woman. Nora's comment is typical: I have a hard time acknowledging that women can be violent and that a woman can rape another woman. In talking about her volunteer training at a domestic violence agency, Cecile said, Obviously I was in some denial myself, but I think that their analysis of battering not only didn't include lesbian battering but made lesbian battering pretty much impossible”.

Denial is one of the most common issues among rape survivors among depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, fear, and humiliation. Domestic violence among LGBT communities is another serious issue and is also often underreported. In many ways rape and domestic violence LGBT relationships can be avoided by family and friends providing unconditional love and support, listening to survivors, believing in them when they say that they were raped, making them understand it was not their fault, and by keeping it confidential.

Rape survivors should also not be pushed to make decisions but as a friend or family member one should allow them to take charge and let them make decision for themselves. Here's a video on Lesbian rape also known as “Corrective Rape” i.e. raping a woman and torturing her in order for her to become straight.

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