Friday, November 20, 2009

Stalking, Privacy, and What we Can Do

Part2:Stalking, Privacy, and What we Can Do By Rabbea Jabbar

Instead of shutting down our face books because we fear stalkers, we can find ways to protect our privacy and keep our face book information to a bare minimum, so our private lives are not being completely revealed. Although the face book stalking trend is a new phenomenon mostly common among females, face book does allow in many ways to help you protect your privacy and control the information you share with others. This allows your privacy not to be compromised.

Caroline Harting says, “Facebook was stalking me”. Many face book users are leaving face book due to fear of privacy. However, stalking does not start or end on face book.
If your stalker has been verbally warned by you and still does not leave you alone, instead of negotiating with your stalker, call the Unlawful Call Center at 1 (800) 518-5507. Familiarize yourself with a 24 hour store; never go home alone, if you are being stalked. Inform friends, family members, co workers, and neighbors about your stalker. Save any text messages, voice mails and threatening letters. If you have a restraining order against your stalker, carry a copy with you at all times. Also save a picture of your stalker, if you have any, and give it to friends and family members. You can have your name removed from any adverse directories. Avoid calling toll free 800, 866, 888, 877, and 900 numbers, or use a pay phone of you decide to call a toll free number, so that your phone number is not captured in the Automatic Number Identification. Order “Complete Blocking” or “per line” blocking so that your home phone number is not disclosed when you make phone calls from home, and keep a log of every stalking incident.

Many victims fail to report about their stalker, and when they do decide to file a police report months later, many police officers are likely to not take the victims seriously. It's very important to not let a police officer intimidate you. Once you call 911, and you are afraid to leave your house, have a police officer come to your house. Be polite, persistent and provide the officer with as much details as possible. Although every stalking case is unique in its own way, every little piece of evidence matters. Do not let an officer leave your house without giving you a report number. If one police report does not work, you may need to file multiple police reports, and make more phone calls if necessary. Also remember that stalkers are unpredictable. They act on their impulses. They are also very likely to pretend to be the victim after being reported. 90-95% of the time they will portray to be the victim. Become involved! VISIT CUNYSGC.COM!


  1. Fantastic article, and I really agree with all the comments also.

    I recently wrote a book entitled 'is: The Phenomenon of the Facebook Status' where I collated 1,000's of statuses in order to give the world an insight into life in the 21st century via the medium of Facebook statuses!

    I noticed that as people hide behind their computer screens they are more likely to tell the world what they are really thinking and voice their opinions about the hot topic of the day or their mind set. Each status individually can give the world an insight into that persons soul, and how they are feeling at that time. But when you have a look at their status updates over a period of time, you can start to get a feel for the type of person that they are, and the life that they are living!

    When you take this information and multiple it by individuals from all over the world, then that allows us to glance into the soul of life in today's world! Something that we have never been able to do before!

    The ironic part is that people do this because they believe that they have a certain degree of anonymity as they sit on their computer chairs like its a throne and they are the king of their computer, and the primary reason why they act like this is because they do not receive any immediate social feedback, they don't have to fit into a social hierarchy or submit to peer pressures, there is no danger of them being cast out of the group!

    But the paradox is that they have never been less anonymous! These People have posted every detail they could possible think of about themselves up on Facebook and MySpace, from their favourite food to their phone number, with the pictures to back everything up, so the whole world can see what they are all about!

    I really had the most fasinating time writing this book, as it opened my window to the world like nothing before had, and I am delighted with the feedback that it has received both from readers and the reviewing media alike, and if you are interested in this read go to my website for more information.

    Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading more of your stuff mate.


  2. Very insightful. I enjoyed reading your views Rabeea. You are a very bright individual and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.