Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And so we wait...

The Taskforce last met in October. October! The first draft of the policy was written and distributed in December for the taskforce members to critique. We did. The next physical meeting was supposed to be in January to view the second draft, plan the town hall meetings and send the document out for massive review throughout CUNY.

A January date got pushed to February. Now a February date is pushed to March, and we still don't have a definite date. Taskforce members are not responding in a public fashion, so Elischia and Jerin have done so to model transparent behavior.

Vice Chancellor Schaffer wants to hold off on the educational component that Students for a Greater CUNY presented via email, complete with a research and a contact to negotiate a price with CUNY (the content of the email will be posted in the upcoming weeks). It is imperative that Schaffer understand that the point of a CUNY Sexual Assault Policy is to create an atmosphere whereby sexual violence is not accepted. The best way to do that is by having a prevention-focused policy!

Students for a Greater CUNY is waiting to receive the updated policy that was suggested to have a mandatory prevention education model. We will then post it for your commentary.

To building a Greater CUNY!

Become involved! Email us at cunypolicy08@gmail.com. We currently have an immediate need for:

* Organizations and individuals to endorse our cause (willing to sign a letter of support)
* Organizations and individuals to join Students for a Greater CUNY as a member
* A tech-savvy person that is good with website building
* Skilled writers to chronicle CUNY's progress for the students on blogs and through campus media
* Student leaders or organizations that will facilitate setting up 3 town hall meetings within the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn, so public opinions can be heard on the draft of the policy.

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