Monday, August 17, 2009


The link embedded in the subject title of this blog entry is a good introduction into what rape culture is.

As you watch the film, here are some questions to ponder:

How have you experienced rape culture?

Is there a thin line between rape culture and "normal" conceptualizations of sex and sexuality?

What kinds of messages/encounters do you or someone you know receives daily that makes you/him/her feel uncomfortable?

What would a world without rape culture look like?

What does rape culture look like on college campuses?

How can individuals effectively challenge and change rape culture?

What do you personally commit to doing to help change rape culture?

To building a Greater CUNY,


Become involved! Email us at We currently have an immediate need for:

* A skilled technician with software to make jpeg files to post letters of support on the tracker
* A graphic arts designer to help our website designer
* Skilled media savvy persons to chronicle CUNY's progress for the students on campus blogs, radio and television.
* Organizations and individuals to endorse our cause (willing to sign a letter of support)
* Organizations and individuals to join Students for a Greater CUNY as a member

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