Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Memory So Dark But Vivid

A Memory So Dark But Vivid
Gestures on familiar faces,
some frightened,
some sad,
and some judgmental.
The memories still dwells in my mental,
of a stolen soul.
It feels like it was just yesterday,
one of our many visits to the race track.
The soft country breeze on the back of my neck,
added to the moisture in the air.
There many ways to describe the aroma in the air,
but not that of the almond tree,
rather the smell of stench,
of a gruesome injustice.
Flies were in a frenzy,
and maggots felt at home.
We knew someone has done this,
but no names written in stone.
Her womanhood was destroyed,
the sight of rotten flesh,
the discoloring of her blood,
upon her beaten chest.
She wasnt that popular with folks of descent trends,
the love she shared around,
brought her life to an end.
They ripped up her tunnel of life,
leaving a viscous imprint,
with a gun shot wound to her head,
this left a deadly dent.
Her remains dried in the sun like raisons,
this forced me to continue thinking.
Will i forever see this image?
day beak to sunrise,
while I sleep or when I have risen.
The answer is YES!

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