Thursday, April 23, 2009


Become involved! Email us at We currently have an immediate need for:

* A skilled technician with software to make jpeg files to post letters of support on the tracker
* A graphic arts designer to help our website designer
* Skilled media savvy persons to chronicle CUNY's progress for the students on campus blogs, radio and television.
* Organizations and individuals to endorse our cause (willing to sign a letter of support)
* Organizations and individuals to join Students for a Greater CUNY as a member


  1. Not sure if I will be able to make it but if I don't I just wanted to say these things in case no one mentions it... it is important that the policy clearly defines what sexual harassment and assault is, explains specific procedures for reporting a complaint or identifying attackers, how to get access to an evidence collection kit, a user-friendly/easy to find page on the hunter website where people can do all of this... file a complaint and get info about next steps..

    Good luck!

    Johanna Rice - Hunter College

  2. Thank you Johanna for your comment. We will be sure to express your concerns to the taskforce.

  3. Additionally, I think it's important to recognize off-campus rape, since CUNY is mainly non-dorm. The majority of rapes occuring to our fellow students are happening either at their apartments or at school-related parties. The sexy girl miniskirt posters you see everywhere? Those parties are responsible for many of the rapes committed against students.

    I would ask for sexual assault centers. The policy is important, but a safe, publicized place for the many women of CUNY to go is very important to.